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Tax Accountants Perth

tax accountant perth

Tax Return Agents in Perth

Are you currently looking for tax accountants to complete your tax returns in Perth? At DPS Accounting, we have an expert team of tax accountants and business advisors who utilize their extensive knowledge to deliver flexible and friendly tax return assistance for homes and businesses in Perth. Tax returns will never be your problem anymore as our team will achieve the best possible tax outcome for you.

Leave all your tax worries with DPS tax accountant! Our timely and affordable tax services are made available for you today, you will get the best support and assistance based on your requirements from our registered tax agents in Perth WA. Tax officials would definitely recommend you to have tax assistance, so you would know your tax options for returns tax. At DPS, we provide the best tax assistance all over West Australia.

If you choose to lodge your tax return with us, we will set a meeting with you at our office so we can gather essential information and grasp a better understanding of your situation. In this way, we leave no stone unturned and maximize your potential tax refund from the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

Taxation here in Australia can be so complicated. Even if you are a sole trader, we highly recommend getting the best advice before you start your individual tax return. Your taxes would be less of a problem, if you let us help you. DPS in Australia is a one stop and best possible tax assistance you’ll get for all your taxation needs.

You DPS business accountant will provide tax support all year round to Perth-based individuals, sole traders, and businesses of all sizes. Whether you are catching up on your late tax returns or you’re in the process of setting up your new business, DPS bookkeeping solutions are here for you 12 months of the year.

GST & BAS lodgement

We can help take the stress out of GST and BAS lodgement for small business owners based in Perth. At DPS Accountants, one of our registered BAS agents will review all of your accounts to ensure the following:


  • GST on expenses and sales invoices has been recorded correctly
  • Your BAS reports have been prepared correctly
  • Your GST obligations against the ATO balance have been reconciled.

As registered Tax Accountant Specialists, we can help take away the hassle by electronically lodging your GST and BAS on time, on your behalf. 


Our DPS Accountants have the best business tax return services. Our Tax Agents can provide tax advice for business and personal tax problems and lodge tax returns on your behalf. They can also help you with your financial planning, tax filing, and professional bookkeeping services for any small business. 


We have a range of advisory services for small businesses on how they can be efficient and effective in running a business. Every year, our clients come in for accounting services and expert tax advice to maximise their income tax return and avoid penalties for better protection of their business and wealth. 

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Family Trusts

At DPS, we can provide you with a cost-effective strategy for your family’s trust. With our expert financial advice, we can help to lay the groundwork of an investment structure that takes in your situation, needs, and objectives.

Extensions to your Tax Lodgement

If you are experiencing exceptional or unforeseen circumstances, we are here to help. In these situations, our registered tax agent will assess your situation, and if applicable, we will coordinate an automatic extension that will be applied to your tax obligations; giving you the time and freedom to be able to lodge your tax return at a more convenient pace.

DPS Tax Services

At DPS Accounting, we aim to make things easy for our clients. Curious to figure out how much you should be getting back this year on your tax return? Our Tax Accountant can help you by preparing a detailed and personalized list that estimates your tax return and will give you peace of mind in knowing the possible tax figure you are likely to receive from the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

When filling in the tax return manually, the average taxpayer may often forget or completely miss tax deductions they are entitled to. As one of the leading experts of tax returns in Perth, DPS Accounting is always ready in helping you know what deductions apply to your situation so that we can maximize the amount you will receive back in your tax return.

Are you looking to make your tax compliance process as simple as it can be? Our team of personable tax experts can optimize your tax position, by helping you deal with all obligations related to your business or personal affairs promptly.

DPS Accounting can help implement proactive tax management strategies to individuals and businesses; an extremely beneficial opportunity to minimize your tax liabilities. With effective planning, we will forecast ahead for the current financial year, so you will be able to take advantage of concessions available to you. DPS Accounting’s tax planning services will ensure that you have greater control regarding your tax position in advance of the next end of the year.

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