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SMSF Accountants Perth

DPS Accounting self management super fund

Expert Advice on Setting Up a Self-Managed Super Fund in Perth

Many Western Australians are starting to gain the benefits of taking control of their own retirement strategy and making the best out of their long-term investments by utilising self-managed superannuation funds.

At DPS Accounting, we specialise in professional advice relating to self-managed super funds in Perth. A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is a sum of money which is entirely being managed by you. It enables you to take control over the investment strategy and provides you with a greater level of flexibility in how you invest assets, plan your estate and choose a retirement income option.

We are here to lift the burden of running a self-managed superannuation fund. Through our industry-specific skills and knowledge, DPS Accounting’s team of SMSF experts set the benchmark of high-quality advice and services for self-managed superannuation funds in Perth.

Our highly-qualified and experienced self-managed super fund accountants are always ready to provide a personalised level of service, in order to optimize your retirement planning and wealth accumulation.

Our self managed super fund services include:

Setting up

Our professional team of SMSF accountants at DPS are always ready to support you in setting up and running your self managed superannuation fund and its portfolio.

The initial SMSF services we provide include:

  • Helping with SMSF establishment by setting up financial systems to prepare your self managed super funds accounts and statements.
  • Assisting you with administrative tasks that will support you in the day-to-day management of your fund.
  • With our expert financial guidance, we help you with your investment preparation strategy that is tailored to your individual needs and life goals.
  • Assisting with SMSF compliance, completing your tax return, and meeting the obligations to the Australian Taxation Office for self-managed funds.
DPS tax accountant using a calculator
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Compliance Management

DPS Accounting aims to keep you on top of your administrative and reporting obligations as a trustee of your self managed superannuation fund.

Our accountants can help you with various compliance management services to help you understand and meet your fund’s reporting obligations to the ATO when its time to do your tax return. We also ensure that you are meeting the responsibilities required of trustees of self-managed superannuation funds.

Annual Maintenance

One of our friendly financial planners will provide strategic advice to help you with the annual maintenance of your fund and its portfolio. We are here to ease the pressure of annual maintenance duties by providing professional assistance with completing and lodging your annual returns with the ATO.

In addition, DPS Accounting can provide you with comprehensive tax advice about your self managed superannuation fund and will represent you in your dealings with us.
We also conduct annual SMSF audits on your behalf. Our registered auditor will examine the validity and accuracy of your financial records to ensure that your fund is compliant with superannuation rules.

Contact Us

If you’d like to find out more about our self managed super fund services, please feel free to get in touch with us at our office in the heart of the Perth CBD on (08) 6154 0992.

Our team of highly qualified self-managed super fund accountants is always ready to offer you advice over the phone.

If you are interested in understanding how one of DPS Accounting’s self-managed super fund experts can help you leverage your financial journey. Book a free and comprehensive consultation at our office, at your convenience.

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